Military Dog Tags

December 15, 2009

Available in silver or gold tone finish.
(chain included)

Silver = $30
Gold = $35

This price includes shipping.

To place an order   Email Jan at :

Mailing Address:

Landers Ink
P.O. Box 352
Hobart, OK     73651

I am an Air Force Mom friend of Jan’s. I have known
her over 6 years.   That is about how long I have
had my dog tag.

IF I had it to do again, I would not have added
my son’s rank… That has changed.
So please consider just having the name
and branch of service engraved on the dog tag.
I treasure mine, and I know you will LOVE YOURS.
My dog tag is in the silver tone.
When you see your dog tag in person, it has a
beautiful hologram look to it.
That does not show up so well in the photograph.

I proudly wear mine and it’s a real
conversation starter….  OR MAYBE it’s just
me a proud military Mom ready to talk to anyone
who will listen about my military son.
HEY….. IF  you are a military Mom you know

JUST what I mean.

This is a copy of the dog tag from Jan’s page.

She also makes dog tags for our Fallen Heroes.

Debra Estep